Buying and Wearing Cargo Shorts

The best casual short for men is definitely cargo pants. When long pants look too formal and the plain shorts look like boxer, then cargo pants are perfect for casual event or holiday. Cargo pants are made for men and women. Women can even choose pants and skirts and most of them don’t use the pockets, just for accessories.

However, men are finding the pockets very helpful to carry wallets, cell phone, keys and many others. Cargo looks so cute on women and great for man, so no wonder if they become men’s favorite pants. Make sure to follow these tips, so cargo pants can make you look stylish, not like a camp leader.

First, make sure to buy Cargo Pants for men with the right size. Make sure that the short rests on the hips. It will help correcting the figure. Second, the ideal cargo pants length is few inches above the knees or right on the knees. If the cargo pants length is too long, then it will make the figure shorter.

Well, it won’t be a problem for men with good figure, but too long cargo pants are not recommended. Third, for women, the length rules on cargo pants or skirts are just the same as men. It is not recommended to wear too long cargo shorts because it will make the body looks shorter. Be very careful on the pocket thickness because it can make the lower part of the body looks bigger.

Fourth, since most cargo shorts are made for semi casual or casual occasion then semi-formal sandals are the perfect combination. For women, various sandals and flats are perfect. However, if we want to add more styles, then we can pair it with wedges. Last, but not least, make sure to visit the right store to find stylish collections like Molecule Clothing that we can meet on Molecule.